They Laughed When I Said Youtube Was Important For Business – But Then I Showed Them The Figures

Youtube is one of the most powerful marketing tools on the web, yet so few businesses know how to harness its full potential. Instead of looking at how one of the largest online communication tools in the world could increase their online presence and grow their business they dismissed Youtube as just another passing fad – well, at least they did until I showed them the figures.

When I told these businesses that 74% of their target audience visited Youtube at least once every two weeks and often multiple times a day they were surprised. These businesses where even more surprised when I told them that a significant number of those visitors used YouTube on a daily basis to:

  • research products and services
  • view product demonstrations
  • find information for work purposes

But, when I told them that visitors to YouTube actually based their buying decisions on what they saw on YouTube, well, they were shocked and couldn’t wait to hear more.

Being the former Head of Music Information at MTV I quickly realised just how important Youtube would be for businesses. MTV revolutionised the music industry and changed it forever. There were people around me who laughed at the suggestion that Youtube would be as important for businesses on the web. Fortunately, my experiences with MTV meant I was in the ideal position to see that the same thing would happen with Youtube.

I’ve subsequently worked with some of the biggest companies in the world including EMI and EPIC who have used the information in this report to grow their brand online.

“EMR deliver quality insight into the potential of video content online and how best to leverage it they act as useful support as we continue to unlock the possibilities of online video”

Head of Digital

“Entertainment Media Research offer a unique online service that grows, nutures and markets brands across all online platforms and environments.
Their bespoke and innovative campaigns are essential in stamping on brand’s presence in an increasingly competitive and crowded web space”

Murray Rose – Head of Marketing

And it’s not just these giant organisations who have benefited from this report. This report has also unlocked a new audience for a number of different businesses of all sizes. Whatever business you are in the YouTube Report 2009 will show you:

  • Why you could be hurting your business simply by not having a YouTube channel
  • How to attract new consumers that listen and respond to your messages
  • How you can make people care about your business using YouTube
  • Why consumers are using YouTube to research your company
  • Why your target market wants you to be on Youtube

There’s a myth about YouTube that it’s only used by young people. In fact, more than two thirds of men and women in the US population over the age of 25 year have watched a YouTube video. Around 50 percent of avid users are over the age of 25 and half of those are over 35. There are a lot of adults over the age of 35 watching videos on YoutTube and adults over the age of 45 are increasingly using the site to find things to buy.

By the time you finish reading this page over 500,000 videos will have been watched on Youtube – but what have you done to ensure that your business will benefit from Youtube?

Can your business really afford to not understand the biggest online revolution since the web started?

The Youtube for Business report is over 108 pages of critical analysis breaking down exactly what consumers want from your business when on YouTube.

In this report you will discover exactly how to use video to build awareness, convey benefits, and support sales and service.

Every month, millions of dollars are wasted by companies creating viral videos only to be buried in a graveyard of videos which no one watches. This report is based on in-depth surveys with over 1,000 YouTube users in the USA tells you how to stop this waste and start creating effective marketing campaigns to an audience of hundreds of millions of consumers every day.

On YouTube, word of mouse is crucial and the community is in control. We know that integrated marketing programs that tie YouTube marketing efforts to other marketing and branding strategies are generally the most successful so we’ll show how best to facilitate the process

The report will show you that YouTube will benefit your business – whatever the size of your company. The YouTube for Business report will give you an insight into how both small and large businesses have successfully used YouTube to expand their sales – both online and offline.

There’s another myth that creating videos has to be expensive. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. When you buy the YouTube Business report we’ll show you how you can improve your success on YouTube even if you don’t have a budget of millions. Whatever the size of your business, the report will show you

  • How you can significantly increase the success of your video in just 10 minutes
  • How just two simple words will make your video “very appealing” to 11% of all Youtube visitors
  • What the most effective ways of attracting people to subscribe to a brand channel are
  • What the top factors that encourage a video to be viewed are
  • When to upload your video for maximum impact

Business moves so quickly these days. It’s amazing to think that just 5 short years ago Youtube didn’t even exist. These days if you don’t have Youtube strategy in place you’re losing out on a huge audience share and revenue.

Whatever the size of your business – if you aren’t planning a strategy for Youtube now then you’re leaving money on the table on that your competitors will gladly take from you.

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Forget What You Think You Know…

How would you like to know exactly who visits YouTube and why? When you buy our Youtube Business report you also receive our Youtube Insights report for 2009.

Finding reliable statistical data on YouTube that you can use to effectively plan your marketing strategies is almost impossible to find. YouTube and their parent company Google, are always reluctant to release any data

YouTube Insight is the largest market research report of its kind into the most popular film sharing social network YouTube.com. Here you will find information on:

  • What the most important drivers in bringing people to YouTube are
  • Vital large scale demographics breakdown
  • User Behaviour
  • Visitor Attitudes
  • YouTube trends

The Youtube Report 2009 survey was completed by almost 2,000 people – making it one of the most accurate and comprehensive reports on YouTube ever produced. This report is a 196 page statistical breakdown of all user behaviour on YouTube.

This survey has left no stone unturned in order to give you the most accurate insights into the behaviour and attitudes of YouTube visitors. We’ve even asked some questions that you would never have thought of (and some you almost certainly have thought about asking) including:

  • Why people visit youtube
  • How important the search function for increasing views
  • Why people recommend videos to their friends and colleagues
  • The days of the week people prefer to watch videos
  • What makes a user want to watch a video
  • Why a visitor clicks on a username

This report offers key insights into the mind of YouTube users that you cannot afford to ignore if you are in business today.

For just $99 you will instantly receive a downloadable PDF containing:

  • Two in-depth reports
  • 196 pages of unrivalled statistical data on user patterns and behaviour
  • 108 pages of critical analysis of YouTube data that will help your business expand
  • Key insights into maximising marketing potential
  • How to drive commercial sales with YouTube
  • How to grow your company using YouTube
  • Why your business needs to be on YouTube now
  • Analysis of the inner workings of YouTube

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Peter Ruppert, Founder & President of Entertainment Media Research and previously Head of Music Information at MTV