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YouTube Report 2009 (YouTube For Business & YouTube Insight)

The YouTube Report 2009 combines two seperate eBooks. When you purchase YouTube Report 2009, you will receive both YouTube Insight and YouTube for Businesss. YouTube Insight is a comprehensive statistical analysis of user behaviours and patterns on YouTube. YouTube for Business turns this data into intelligent achievable video marketing strategy.

The YouTube research on YouTube Report 2009 is fundamental to any YouTube video marketing campaign. It is the key to understanding Youtube users, their motivations, habits and vulnerbilities. The YouTube Report 2009 removes guesswork from viral video marketing and will instantly give you the edge. YouTube Report 2009 is priced at 99$. Click below to buy your copy today.

About Entertainment Media Research

Entertainment Media Research was founded in 1997 by Peter Ruppert, formerly Head of Music Information at MTV Europe in anticipation of the digital entertainment revolution.

Today, Entertainment Media Research is Europe’s foremost entertainment research consultancy. Headquartered in London it serves the film, music, broadcast and advertising industries in the UK, Continental Europe, Scandinavia, USA and Australasia.

Entertainment Media Research combines quantitative research skills with entertainment sector expertise and branding consultancy to offer a unique and powerful service to brands.