Learning to engage your audience: How to create original YouTube videos

It’s vital to learn to retain viewers. To do this, at the very beginning, briefly tell what the video will be about. You can promise a cool thing at the end: life hack, utility, promotional code. Then users are more likely to watch the video to the end. Lists, step-by-step plans, instructions also work well.

Name the video, for example, “Using an audio converter: how to convert youtube to mp3 free step by step”. In this case, the viewer immediately understands that this is a tutorial video, and the step-by-step instructions add confidence. This name signals that this is a narrow-profile video: we are not discussing converters in general and not video processing, but rather audio processing on YouTube using a converter.

Encourage viewers to be active – ask them to subscribe, like, comment. People love to be helpful and show expertise, so give them the opportunity to talk about themselves. Ask questions, ask for advice – viewers will be happy to answer under the video. Announce the next videos and tell us what else on the current topic is on the channel. All this will lead to additional activity.

Use tooltips – messages that appear on top of the video. There can be five of them in total. Add ads for other videos to them and lead viewers to the site. To see all the tips, you need to click on the teaser at the top right. Analyze their performance using YouTube analytics for impressions, clicks and conversions.

Editing the video

For editing we use a paid program Adobe Premiere, but it also has a free trial version. This is not the only program, you can also work in free iMovie, Shortcut, Videopad, HitFilm Express. The most popular paid ones are Sony Vegas Pro, Movavi Video Editor, Edius and Final Cut Pro.

If the video was shot according to the script on good equipment and with sufficient lighting, then all that remains is to crop the initial and final frames. If not, you will have to do professional editing. As a result, you should get a video with an aspect ratio of 16: 9.

  1. Crop unnecessary frames, add graphic elements and tooltips.
  2. Mount the start and end screensavers.
  3. Write a title, select a thumbnail.
  4. Pick up music.
  5. Correct the colors.

Preparing a budget

I shot the first videos on my phone, so they cost me free. Now I have in my team: an editor, an editor and a designer, sometimes I also involve a screenwriter, so the minimum cost of a simple video is $ 100-150, the average is $ 200-300. If I shoot a video with a complex scenario and a change of location, then the cost can go up to $ 1000 per video.

Four factors affect the price of a video: the amount of payment to the team, the complexity of editing, the complexity of the script, and the location. To save money at first, do it yourself. Then the price of the video will be equal to the cost of your man-hours. Hire professionals as you roll out to increase the quantity and quality of your content.

youtube thumbnail

How to stand out in the YouTube feed

Coming up with a title

A good headline is half the battle. You can call the video simply – “How to move to the UK”. But the video will attract an order of magnitude more viewers, if you call it “10 ways to move to the UK with $ 300 in your pocket.” Compare two more options – “How to get a visa to the UK” and “Top 8 reasons for denying a visa to the UK”. The second is much stronger.

On YouTube, emotional headlines work best that evoke curiosity, joy, anger, envy, pity, and other feelings. Special effects work well when we add strong triggers – money, authority and number of steps / methods / methods.

How to create a thumbnail

The video cover must grab attention and stand out in the aggressive YouTube environment. Usually, when loading a video, you are asked to select a frame that will become a thumbnail, but it is better to create it on purpose. To do this, prepare a 1280 × 720 px image weighing up to 2 MB and load it into a movie. The cover can be made in Photoshop or in simpler graphic editors: Canva and Crello.

Previously, bright toxic colors, large contrasting letters, an abundance of graphic elements were popular: red arrows, stars, bombs. Now the content has become more restrained, because people are tired of flashy covers and react poorly to them.

At LinguaTrip TV, as a rule, we design the cover in the corporate color – sea green and put the speaker’s face and a white headline on it. On my personal channel, I am not constrained by corporate rules, but I still adhere to a single calm style – my photo and a large headline in a bright color: red, purple, black.

Add description and hashtags

For key queries, you need to not only shoot a video, but also add them to the description. Be sure to add the main request in the title and in the first sentence of the description. Distribute the rest of the keys evenly throughout the text, in any case do not list them.

Keep in mind that there is no point in adding keywords that do not match the video – YouTube will not take them into account anyway. Also add keywords as hashtags.

The right keywords won’t get a young channel to the top, but they will help you collect organic views. YouTube will recommend these videos in the “related videos” category, and viewers will see them while watching videos of the same topic. This is the main opportunity to get views, because even the promoted channels are watched by about 20% of all subscribers. But from “related videos” 60-70% of traffic comes.

Helping a new video

YouTube ranks well for fresh videos that are immediately interesting to viewers. He rates this by the number of people who watched them in the first 48 hours. Help your video get promoted. If you already have a community, send a new video to it via email, post it on social media, or add it to your site’s news feed. Distribute the video as widely as possible immediately, this will help it in organic promotion.