Forbes magazine states that generates over a billion views per day. To put that into perspective, by the time you finish reading this page, YouTube users will view around a quarter of a million videos. So who are theses people, and what drives them to view, interact with and share a video?

The YouTube Report 2009 uses takes Entertainment Media Research’s extensive research experience in the entertainment industry and focuses it on YouTube.

The research is based on:

  • A comprehensive audit of usage, attitudes and preferences of YouTube users
  • The findings are based on a large-scale online survey of 1,758 USA resident respondents
  • Respondents participated in the survey via an online email invitation
  • The total sample has been weighted to the demographic representation of the USA online population using government Census statistics
  • The qualified research sample (YouTube users) is therefore representative of US YouTube users
  • All figures in this report are from the USA data unless otherwise specified
  • In addition, 660 interviews were conducted in the UK among YouTube users –a standalone UK section in
  • this report shows results that are +10% different to the USA
  • Interview length is 25 minutes